Tuesday, April 20, 2010


First of all, I wasn't planning on posting this but it was prompted by Malique Anuar or more affectionately known as BABU. He is one my best friends here in Lendu and he was the one who ACTUALLY listens to my heart matters while I was still residing at Lekiu. Ni semua sebab kau Babu, aku buat posting nie. Padahal aku tak sabar nak tinggalkan tempat ni. Thanks la sebab buat aku feeling2 nostalgik kt LENDU ni :P Now, moving on to the list of reasons :)

  1. I would miss getting ready for class. Waiting in the shower for my turn, blow drying my hair, putting makeup on, waking up room mates who have class, etc..... 
  2. I would miss the kentang apebendentah at Kak Oda's Cafe. That would be the first thing I look for whenever Im at the cafe. TASTY yaw :)
  3. I would miss walking to class while listening to whatever shitty song I was in the mood for that day. Then reaching class looking like a drenched horse because of the effing HOT sun.
  4. I would miss BLOK LEKIU as it was where I made my first few friends at Lendu. Especially LEVEL 21 yaw :(
  5. I would miss the late night talks I had with hmmmmm... practically EVERYONE here in Lendu. The talks I had were very eye opening uols.
  6. I would miss the MOTORCYCLE rides I had with Babu. Best yaw naik moto :) Thanks for always obliging when I need a ride to the ATM or wherever shit I need to be :)
  7. I would miss the SESI CUCI MATA I had with my other half, YANA RAHMAN. Apparently, in spite of where Lendu was located, it had many GOODLOOKINGBOYS :P
  8. I would miss the sound of the LORI SAMPAH that I hear everyday at 530 a.m. Somehow, to me it reflects the start of a new day for me as weird as it sounds.
  9. I would miss the LECTURERS who I dare say are the best ones here in Lendu. Thanks for guiding me and the rest to whatever potential we had :)
  10. I would miss the feeling I get whenever I see a blockmate, levelmate, classmate, whatever mate there is in UITM LENDU because I know I would not see most of them next semester.

Lotsa shitties,
Bryan :(

1 shitties:

Zuko said...

"kentang apebendentah" hahahaha...funny..=D

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