Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Hello fellow humans :) ( I feel like Im from Mars typing this)

Have you ever known somebody that you liked so much that you spent every waking minute thinking about that someone? 
Have you ever thought of what you are going to say when you meet that someone and practiced every motion of your body so you would not look stupid? 
Have you ever finally gotten the courage to go speak to that someone and you end up being friends? 
Have you ever realized that the infatuation you felt was just a temporary crush and suddenly you lost interest in that person?
I have.

Gosh, I feel like a retard posting this. Haha :P I felt like I wasted half a semester pouring all my thoughts to this one guy. Then, one day it happened. The moment we finally interacted was the moment the crush ended. Why ha? This has been an ongoing pattern for me. 

Like a guy. Check.
Think about the guy 24/7. Check.
Say hye and become friends. Check.
The guy who is now your friend lost his appeal and I drifted off to find another. Check.

I have been doing this my whole life. Sometimes, I feel like I am playing a game. Well, this game has become too mundane and it needs to stop. Cmon, bitch. What is so hard in maintaining a relationship? Well, for one, I enjoy the thrill of the chase. I get pretty damn excited when an unknowing pawn enters the arena. The hunt is twice as much fun compared to savoring the hunted. KAN? 

This bitch is listening to Lea Michele's version of Crush. You lovebirds who think you have met THE ONE should too :)

P.S > One more thing, dont get confused over LUST and LOVE. Its not the same. You dont want to get pregnant and STDs doncha?

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