Friday, December 10, 2010

Bow For The Bad Girl

I almost got kicked out from Paragon TWICE last night. Hahaha..apparently I had one too many shots of vodka and started to behave unladylike (is this even a word?) All I could remember was toasting cheers with random strangers and spewing vomit uncontrollably on the bar. Sexy huh? Is this turning you on? There was even this short man who was with his girlfriend and he was groping parts of my body that should not be groped. Is this too much information? Gross huh? Lalalalala ;) Now I'm nursing the worst hangover ever by staying at home and watching Desperate Housewives. Oh yeah, I almost had an accident last night so you better heed the overrated warning, Don't Drink And Drive Bitches ;)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


This was what I did yesterday ;)


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Urgent! Help! Only 3 weeks to LIVE!

Monday, November 8, 2010


I got this from the net ;)

  • #1 - ALWAYS have a bottle of water, tea, diet coke, SOMETHING to drink in your hand. You'll be amazed how often you take sips off it without even thinking, keeping you full and distracted.
  • Clean something that's filthy, like the toilet or the cat's litter box. Take the garbage out and then scrub the inside of the can before you replace the liner. The smell alone will gross you out so much you'll NEVER want to eat again.
  • Make a rule of keeping the kitchen absolutely SPOTLESS at all times! Absolutely no dirty dishes in the sink or dishwasher, or drying on the side. Keep the towels folded neatly, the spices all lined up and facing label-side out, alphabetize them or put them in height order. Scrub the floor again. If you make a rule of keeping it immaculate at all times, you won't be so tempted to fix something to eat thus creating more mess to clean.
  • Purge your stores. Take at least 10 items from your closet, 2 pairs of shoes, and 5 pieces of jewelry and donate them to a local Goodwill or Salvation Army. Then treat yourself to a new outfit - dress, shoes, jewelry, and a hat, belt, or handbag! You'll feel better for helping a good cause - and burn calories without eating at the same time. 
  • Give yourself a manicure. Even if it's only been three days since your last one. If your nails are wet, they can't be digging inside a bag of chips!
  • Brush your teeth - again. You'll be less tempted to get your teeth and mouth dirty again with food.
  • Keep your lipstick touched up 24 hours a day. Moisturizer, liner, color, and gloss. Not only will you be constantly beautiful, but you won't be tempted to mess them up by putting food in your mouth. Sip water with a straw.
  • Purge your kitchen. Start by drinking two full 8-oz glasses of ice cold water, so you'll feel full and cold and won't be tempted to eat. Then get a bag or a box and clean out your cabinets and your fridge of anything that isn't high-fiber, high-protein or low-cal. Donate it to a local homeless shelter or soup kitchen. On your way home, drink another liter of cold water and feel great about your good deeds!
  • Do spring cleaning in the fall! Start at the top of each room, clean the dust bunnies out of all the corners, off the ceiling fans, dust the tops of shelves, and work your way down until you're sweeping/mopping/vacuuming the floors. Burn calories, burn! Have a tall glass of ice-cold lemon water every hour as you go, to keep your stomach from growling.
  • DANCE! Why wait to get to the club? Dim the lights, or turn off the bulb-lights and light a slew of candles. Put on a disc of all your favorite dance tunes and pump up the volume! Even better - set up a full-length mirror and work on your dance moves. Which moves could look better if you were just five pounds thinner? Let these images be your own thinspiration.
  • Look at that journal of thinspo again. Then look in the mirror and remember how far you have to go. Skim through magazines or online articles and find at least 10 new pictures to add.
  • Set your alarm to go off every half-hour. Set your shoes by the front door. No matter what you're doing when the alarm goes off, drop it, put on your shoes, and walk around the block as fast as you can. When you get home, have an 8-oz glass of ice water and set the alarm for the next half-hour.
  • Get creative. Do you sew, knit, or crochet? Are you great at pottery or glass etching, origami, painting or sketching? Are you an excellent poetess? Get started NOW on creative, beautiful, and thoughtful gifts for Christmas. And picture how skinny you'll be by the time you give these gifts to your loved ones.
  • Feel like you're about to binge? Before you open the fridge, write a one-page journal entry about why you feel like eating, ask yourself if you're really hungry or just bored. Remind yourself of your goals and question if this binge is going to help you reach those goals. Don't like writing essays? Don't allow yourself to eat UNLESS you write that page!
  • Write out a precise schedule of everything you're going to do tomorrow to stay distracted. (ex: 10 am-walk the dog, 10:30-lift weights, 11-wash dishes by hand, 11:30-shower, Noon-redo hair and makeup, 12:30-manicure, etc...) Don't allow yourself anytime to rest or eat. Only cold water. Then STICK to it!

Friday, November 5, 2010



Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ayoooo Why So Fat One???

Huaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!! I took a quick look in the mirror earlier and reality hit me like a TON of bricks. I see fat all over ( cue to cry again ) Huaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!

I want to be 55 kg again not 65, not 75, not 85 huaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!! That is it. I am not consuming carbs again. Carbs is the enemy. Boo carbs. 

Gonna go on an extreme diet starting from now on. This is not poop talk. I am serious as Barrack Obama. (He is hot kan?)

Goodbye bitches.

Monday, November 1, 2010


Hello beautiful fags ;) How are you? Doing well I hope since yours truly is in bed sneezing like hell. Must be because I was moonwalking in the rain yesterday with my ikan patin. Weird? Yes, I know ;) Anyhoos, I had my Persuasive earlier and boy oh boy, it was hard. I almost cried when I read the essay questions, okay that is an exaggeration but you get me right?

Adding to my stress was the cold as Alaska hall where I was sitting for my exam. You can only imagine how I shivered while I was jotting down possibly correct answers. It was cold and I was so focused on scoring an A that I did not have time to breathe, did not have time to ogle at hot guys, did not have time to fantasize about Sam from Glee and etc....

Now, I was so intensely focused on my paper until my finger nail got somehow stuck on the wig I was wearing. Yes sir, I wore a wig to my exam. Details on why are unnecessary but rest assured that I am not HAIRLESS. I could not possibly get it out because coincidentally there was this bearlike pengawas standing next to me and I did not want to get ratted out because I had artificial hair. I AM NOT BALD.

Anyhoos, my wig has a name. I call it Molly. Molly enjoys eating Friskies with a touch of seasoning, long walks on the beach, the sunset.....yes I'm fucking with you ;P Molly costs me RM 350. Was it worth it? Probably. I think I look like a guy who doesn't get laid because he was too busy counting his pubic hair when I have Molly on. Vulgar? I know ;) U can admire Molly or ME in the picture below.

Me trying to be all sexy and pouty with Molly. 


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