Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I'm bored. Boredom inspires me. Read this post if you feel bored too :)

1. I can hold my breath as long as I want to if I'm sitting next to a person that smells like shit while smiling and talking. 
2. I actually count how many cigarettes I have left. If it is an odd amount, let's say 9, I'll smoke one to make the amount even. ( That would 8 ciggies left, smartpants ).
3. I only enjoy talking to 5% of all the people I met my whole life. The other 95%, I just enjoy looking at.
4. I pretend to understand what the other person is saying with exaggerated expressions. For example, "OMG!! Really??" while widening my eyes till they look like they would pop out any second.
5. I have conflicting views on religion. What is with all the divide and segregation? Can't we just worship "ONE LOVE" ?
6. I would rather be skinny, frail looking and sick. Not that I have anything against people who are not :)
7. I burned my fringe more than 5 times this semester while lighting a cigarette. Talk about dry and damaged hair huh?
8. I find men in uniform earth shattering SEXY. One of these days, I'm going to get myself in jail just to drool at the police officers or start a fire so a fireman can rescue me :P
9. I often fantasize about having a twin. Wouldn't it be fun to have 2 Bryans making a mess in the world?
10. I like it when the rain is so heavy that you could barely hear yourself breathing. I just feel so serene and one with the raindrops :)


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