Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Hello skinny bitches ;D

Today I have successfully consumed only liquid based products. No solids. The things I go through to achieve my goal weight. Sheeeshhhh.... All I had was 2 bottles of mineral water, apple juice and a cup of Nesvita. Haish... As I looked in the mirror, I noticed that my ribs were getting more noticeable. A progress that I'm getting ecstatic about. Yeepiee :D

Moving on,
Nothing much happened today. Yours truly and Ms. Yana Rahman spotted the Japanese looking guy again ( refer to previous posting ;D ) So cute. Faint for about 5 minutes. Unlike yesterday, he was with a friend. So, the perception of him being a total lone ranger went crashing out the window. Teehee :D

What else huh?
Nada. Nil. None. That's all I guess. Btw, the liquid diet that Im on is going to take 30 days/ 1 month. The saying "dying to be thin" fits perfectly. ;D

Lotsa shitties,
Bryan ;D

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