Friday, August 21, 2009


An update on my weight loss.

The last time I weigh myself was last week, my weight was 62 kg. That motivated me to loose more weight as I wanted to be in the 50 kg range. If you had read my previous postings, you know that Im on this liquid diet. So, I was anticipating what the frickin scale would state when Im on this diet.

As I stepped onto the scale earlier today, I braced myself for whatever digits that would pop up. I closed my eyes while waiting for the result. I almost had a heart attack ( there you go again Bryan, please stop exxagerating :P ) Right in front of my eyes were the numbers that defined my life.

59 kg. I had lost 3 kg. This means another 4 kg until I reach my goal weight which is 55kg. The best thing is it would be so damn easy this month as everyone around me would be fasting. Fascinating aint it? Could not wait what the scale would say next week. Dying of anticipation. (For the love of God, exaggerating again Bryan??) Mampusla :D

Lotsa shitties.
Bryan ;D

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Lina Amin Nordin said...

alaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. jelesss nyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ nak jugak!!!

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