Wednesday, September 23, 2009

How To Preserve Your Friendship :D

Its been almost a month now since my last posting huh people ? Well, Ive been so occupied with other aspects of my life that I literally forgot about blogging. Its 6.16 a.m and I cant sleep like always so I decided to post the randomest post. Be cautioned that this is not what I actually do, its just how the sarcastic side of me wants to play tonight :D A round of applause please...(cue thunder claps), trumpets...Presenting...


1. Spot a friend from the corner of your eye? If he or she doesn't notice you then you also do not notice them. Saw you though? Put on the brightest smile you ever had in your whole entire life and proceed to walk over and say hye with exaggerated excitement.

2. Compliment a friend on whatever NEWNESS he or she has. New phone? You say, cool phone. New hair color? You say, it really brings out your eyes.(this applies even when your friend looks like a clown on Ecstasy). New boyfriend? You say, are so lucky to have him( in reality, the bf looks like Jack Black humping a donkey). Remember, a compliment always gets you new friends xD

3. Have a friend that is oh-so-attached to you? So attached that you could feel like a Siamese twin with the constant extra head over your shoulder? Now, why dont you play the role of the overly attached friend instead? Follow your friend take a poopoo. Take pictures of your friend taking a poopoo and upload those into your Facebook account. Scoop your friend's poopoo and name it "Jojo". Im absolutely sure this would deattach that overly attached friend of yours ;D

4. Too busy to spend time with your friends? Send them random text messages saying,"What r u up 2?" or "Miss U bitch xD" or "Lets hang out?". At least your friends knows that you still think about them when your actually busy with your NEW friends xD

5. See a friend but you cant recall his or her name? Always identify that person according to their physical attributes. Has nice eyes? You say, Hai si mata cantik :D Has a pot belly? You say, Hai si buncit :D Has incredible height? You say, Hai Hantu Galah :D

Thats all the crappings that I can come up with on this fine and dandy morning. Wait for the next installment occay bitches? Till then,

Lotsa shitties
Bryan ;D

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me loikey loikke! :D

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