Saturday, January 17, 2009

Meaningless Craps ;D

MYSPACE. Dont know what that is? Then ur stupid ;D
I find it getting more and more redundant as I dont see the fun in it anymore.
People add you, see your pictures then byebye. Hahaha...Its not that I care but its getting so routine for me to approve all the requests besides it cluttering up my friend's list space. Now I just play inie minie mynie mo to see who's lucky enough to be accepted as my friend. On bad days, I just deny all of it ;D

Moving on, I just watched WILD CHILD recently and it was averagely hilarious. Kinda reflects actual life, I think ;D The guy who played Freddy ( If I remembered correctly, that was his name) is effin HAWT !!!!!! I think he also played the spy in Stormbreaker..wateva then..lalalala ;D

Thinking of taking my bath early tonight what with all the paranormal things going on in campus. Histeria and all that shit..Boy, those ghosts must really have nothing to do...;D

Lotsa shitties,
Bryan ;D

1 shitties:

MeLL said...

hey bry!
yup.. that's Alex Pettyfer from Stormbreaker...

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