Friday, January 30, 2009


Hye people ;D

Its been a while since my last posting..Well what do you expect from a person in rehabilitation? Rite...


Been spending my holidays with Zaharra and Anje..Complete queens that I love.. ;D

Went for my dosage of Queen Horms the other day with Zaharra..2 doses each on each bum cheeks..

Feeling the pain the whole week ;D

Hahahaha !!! Why am I even telling you this? Just freakin BORED ;D

Goin back tomorrow..Dreading it already..Huhuhu....

What else huh?

Oh yes..Just discovered this cancer stick called Marlboro Intense..

Really intensifying..Love it..No more Dunhill Menthol for me..

I should stop dont you think? What with the cancer and all...Maybe in 2 years time..Heheheh....

My neck hurts due to sleeping like a pig the whole day....I guess that's all....Till then...

Lotsa shitties,

Bryan ;D

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