Monday, December 8, 2008


As I had a bowl of laksa, drank Coke and read yesterday's newspaper, I suddenly had the idea on what to blog. Lets shit about how my third semester life was shall we? Proceed reading Your Majesty ;D

1) 3rd semester? What 2 write huh uncle? Yup..there's one. Ive noticed that among the millions of friends I had, only a handful were worthy of the term "friend". The rest were just temporary fluke puffs of nothingness who only know how to put on stupid and annoying fake smiles ;D So, me being a faker myself, smile [fakely] back at them ;D Sure, I might say "Hye bitch, where r u going?" if I see U, but in fact I dont remember your name so thats all I could mutter for courtesy :D
2)No matter how close you were with everyone in the 1st semester, eventually you would then develop your own special clique. I must admit, I was overly friendly with everyone in the 1st semester but then it grew tiring for me as everyone expects you on to be on their side and be a perfect friend. Now, I just look for friends that are in the same league as I am in terms of personality etc...:D
3)Always do your very best for any given assignments because thats what U r here for ryte? Even if its last minute, make sure it is the [BEST] last minute work that the lecturer ever saw. If your in a group, it is essential for the members to be the creme of the crop in class. You dont to be in a group with shitters who dont commit right?
4)If you have nothing to do late at night, there is only one solution> SLEEP BITCH. Unfortunately for me, I did not do that. Even if I was sleep deprived, I'll still go and lepak with my level mates, watch movies on my laptop and smoke ciggies till the wee hours of the morning. A typical time for me to sleep was 4am so if I had class at 8am, you could only imagine my face in class. So, if you see me in grumpy mode in the morning, dont say "Hye Bryan" cos I would probably say "What do you want motherfucker?" Teehee :D
5)I developed a phobia towards the guards of UiTM because I'm not exactly [SAHSIAH RUPA DIRI] material ;D Every time I see men in blue, I would dash as far away that I could and you would not believe the extend that I would go through to avoid those shitters :D I equate experiences with guards with near death experience of cancer survivors. This semester the guards have only question for me,"Awak nie siswa ke siswi?" Hahahahaha !!! Dumbdumbs will always be dumbdumbs :D

I think thats all I could shit about on this fine Monday morning, if I have more ideas, I'll add more shitties aite ;D

4 shitties:

Mell said...

wow.. wht an exciting life u hv, bry...

Yana Rahman. said...

haha. i understand how ur life was in sem 3. haha

RicX said...

beach ur tag!

Bryan Aldridge said...

supercalifragilistic aint it?

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