Monday, December 8, 2008


Sometimes I just feel empty....Its like I dont get enough of everything I wanted....Right now Im feeling anxious waiting for my upcoming result..Did I do good? Am I going to repeat? Will my pointer go up or downhill? God knows how I pressure myself to strive for the best..Sometimes its as if what I did was not adequate....Right now, the only thing that gets me by is knowing that GOD always wants what's best for me..Ironic isn't it when Im not that spritual ;D N also the book "The Secret" stating that whatever u think in your mind is what u'll get ;D So, abiding to the rules of the universe, I am now thinking of getting good grades and Ed Westwick (God he makes me squirm !!!) ;D

4 shitties:

RicX said...

so tat means

mun ku imagine ko fat

u'll be fatter rite?


Bryan Aldridge said...

u piece of shit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
no !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mell said...

bry.. r u.. reading?


Bryan Aldridge said...

yes i am :D
y so suprised dear?
hahahahhaha !!!

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