Tuesday, December 9, 2008


1st picture > Obviously that picture is steaming hot ryte? Hahahaha !!! Sorry for being vain ;D Well I like this picture because of my curved back which gave me the illusion of having an hourglass shape ;D Then, the come and fuck me before parents come back look is pretty nice ehehhehehe ;P

2nd picture > I posted this one cos of the striking colour of my outfit ;D Plus my hair looks really good here and Im sorta having this mischievous aura about me hehehhe ;D And you get to witness a peekaboo moment here ahahhahaha !!!!

3rd picture > This I like because it looks mysterious and no one knows if Im hot or not and the lips look really inviting here hehehehehe ;P The disheveled hair over the eyes gives me the androgynous edge where people cant figure out my sexuality ;P

6 shitties:

RicX said...

bry.. ku nang tauk ko akan post pic no.1 ya hakhakhak XD

btw, thans for responding to my tag beach! ;D

P/S : u suppose to tag 5 more people u know.. :P

Bryan Aldridge said...

dh la aku dgh ngkah
ur one of them
ko on9 duhal ;P

RicX said...

kek... aku dah reply tag ko :P

Yana Rahman. said...

cne ntah akak nk tag niee nok
nnt la i post 3 pix sexy haha

Yana Rahman. said...

eh xreti laa cne nk tag hauahauahu
nnt laa i post 3 pix seksi ye nok ngee

Yana Rahman. said...

eh i terkomen 2skali hahah

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