Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Im Just About To Give Up But I Wont

Hello readers,
It's been a long time since my last update. I've been really busy with assignments and such. Probably just being busy with life altogether. Anyhoos, I chose the heading above because honestly there are times when I feel fragile and can't handle my life anymore. 

Life has been pretty hectic lately what with all the non-stop assignments, presentation, and whatever academic shit. Plus, I'm having a really tough time with a certain lecturer whom I dare say is mentally and emotionally unstable. She is a train wreck who accused me of being a liar in front of the whole class. I mean cmon, everyone knows what you did and what I did so don't you dare to accuse me of such behavior.

Moving on, I've discovered that friendship might become inexistent when there is no effort from both parties to preserve it. Both might feel too high and mighty to grasp the fact that we are both in the wrong and afraid to admit it as it would make us feel weak. Yeah, whatever.

Let's talk about the mones now. So, I've been taking Androcur for the past few days and boy oh boy, does my body aches. I guess this is the price to pay when you are so caught up in the image of being perfect. Asked my sis about it, and she explained that it is normal to experience those aching sensations in the beginning. Thanks Miss Helena Syahrin =) I'm probably going to get more mones this Saturday, we'll wait and see.

I guess thats about it for this update. I wish everyone has a great life ahead and don't forget to brush your teeth =) Oh yeah, to Aphrodite in my chat box, thanks for spending your time thinking about me =)


B =)

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