Sunday, February 21, 2010

Somebody call 911 !!!

See those 100 friend requests? Want to know why I leave them hanging like chopped liver? Read on faggots :)

1. They are CHILDREN below the age of 15. I dont want to be accused as the next Michael Jackson, ya know :P

2. They are PERVERTS who are so proud of their sexual organs that they feel the need to display it as a default picture. You dont see me PROMOTING mine, dont you?

3. They are CREATIVE people, in a bad way. What's up with framing your pictures with the photo application from your phone? They have BUTTERFLIES coming out from nowhere, FLOWERS that dont look like flowers and even worse, HEART symbols surrounding your face. CUTE LA KO TEK?

4. They are PEACE makers. It might just be me but I get hickly bickly when I see people making peace signs in their picture. Peace signs over their mouth, eyes, chest, wherever possible. Who do you think you are? Mother Theresa?

5. They are people that I JUST DONT LIKE. If I dont like you in real life, what makes you think in your sound mind, I'll like you in Facebook? Crazy, I know :))

That's all for today. I was bored so this was the result of the boredom. The before said statements might also result from the annoyance that I have for having to go back to LENDU SHITHOLE.

Lotsa shitties,
Bryan :) 

2 shitties:

Mr C Chiquillara said...

yap bryan.. true,knape nak kene add sbb even kat luar pun x bertegur sapa right??

MeL C said...

rotfl lovin ur excuses,bry.. that is so classic you ;)

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