Thursday, December 24, 2009


I have a confession to make. Here goes.


I dont care if you are Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Hawaiian or Malaysian. If you are fair, in possession of nice and straight hair and of course have slanted eyes, I would fall head over heels in a second. Gah.... This fascination of mine started way back when I was not visited by Ms.Puberty yet. I remembered my first crush on one of these GWSE. I was 12. He was 11. He was oh-so-adorable. Ive met him a few years back and oh my, he got even hotter. :)

Moving on to my second crush. This happened when I was, hmmm, let me see, 13? We were in the same class till we were 15. Now, dont get me wrong. I am not obsessed with them. I just like looking at them. Ok, moving on with crush number 2. Gosh... I met him a week ago if Im not mistaken. I was really taken aback when he approached me because boyyyyyyy, has he grown :) He shook my hand, we exchanged numbers, chit-chat for a while and that was it. I could not mutter up a decent sentence because I was so mesmerized by his beauty. ( Err...Bryan? Drama much eyh? ) Well, what would you do if you met your crush that you havent seen for years out of the blue? A hot one, I might add :)

Now, thanks to Youtube, Im browsing through all these K-Pop boybands and I just cant get enough. I think I might have a mental problem here.

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Yana :) said...

siap post gile babi hahahahhaahah :P

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