Friday, December 4, 2009

Bryan Is Actually Blind :)

Ola fellow fags and whores :) How are you? Im fine as always albeit the fucking skin problems Im facing. Moving on from that pathetic topic, Daddy is going to take me to make my glasses today. Hooray :)

You see, Im actually far sighted and I cant see without my contacts on. No, the lenses in my eyes are not for pure vanity occay? It actually does have a purpose :) But lately, the hassle of putting them on whenever I need to go out, watch TV or any activities requiring the use of sight has gotten to me and I have had enough. Plus, I dont see the relevance of using lenses when Im indoors, do you? I guess not :)

Plus, when I dont have my lenses on, I can barely see the who's who around me and these who's who would eventually accuse me of being snobbish for not saying hi. I get fed up when I have to repeat time and time again that I have no lenses on, therefore I did not notice you. Or maybe I purposely avoided making any contact with you :) Well thats not the point here. My corneas should be getting the attention here not the who's who :)

If Daddy had asked me eons ago if I wanted to make glasses, the answer would be a definite NO. Why you ask? Well, I always had a pre-conceived notion that glasses makes people look old and serious. I dont want people to perceive me as a cold blooded librarian who has 10 Facebook accounts, no? Thats the old Bryan. The new Bryan welcomes any innovation that helps improve my well being. Vanity comes to number 2 when health is at stake right? Cis, all these talk about health is stemming out from the visit I had with the doctor earlier. Now, that story would be in another post :) Till then,

Lotsa shitties,
Bryan :)

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Yana :) said...

just put the glass on n looks like bookworms bitches :PP

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