Thursday, August 6, 2009


The following post is a result of having no idea on how to spend a sleepless night. This is a random posting. So, if you find my posting is a tad too ridiculous, its because it is. ;D

I have class at 11.30 a.m tomorrow. ETR 300. A class I have no difficulty dozing off. Next class, Marketing. I have absolutely nothing to say except MEGA.

Our level had an induction haram a few hours ago. Boring lite2 la cos nobody possessed the sex appeal of Shia Labeouf kan? I myself was too busy discussing about my Audio Visual Assignment so no sesi cuci mata was going on.

What else huh? Tralalala..Looking at the time on my laptop. 4.54 a.m. Getting hungry. I have not eaten dinner. Thats why. Its now 4.55 a.m. Tomorrow supposedly my group hunts for locations for our video clip. Anyone know the whereabouts of sebuah rumah kampung yang usang dan mempunyai perigi di sekitar Melaka?

5.00 a.m. I was lepaking at the cafe with Yana and Shah earlier tonight. I noticed this one girl tau..Ive noticed her before looking at me but not the -omg.your so pretty- look la. Its an -omg.kau hengat kau cantik-look. I think she's a Part 1 student la based on her over the top dressing. Ala..biasala tu :D Muka die nie kan tak sah kalau tak pandang slack kat Yours Truly nie. Mak tak faham sangat. Bukannya ko cantik pown nak pandang slack kat orang. Aku yang dua alam nie pown lagi terserlah kefemininan ?? Hohoho... Emotional outbursts happens when you cant sleep so Bryan stop ranting. (monolog dalaman)

Woohoo..I am idealess now. Bryan is now officially insomniac. Flashback during the cafe lepaking. Yana.laughing.Bryan.laughing. Why? Spontaneous reaction to a girl wearing braces. Dont ask me why for I do not have an answer. :D

Is it possible to capture a jin and convert it to any religion you like? This question came up after a brief yet unwanted meeting with a Part 3 student earlier. You probably know her. She's the one who comes up to random people and starts talking about her daily problems ( fitnah, nafsu syahwat, sesi menangkap jin etc2..) as if you guys know each other for 10 years. Ala... the one who calls herself after a Japanese flower. Tau kan hohohoho..Psycho larh...

Before I merepek even more, I think its best for me to log out of this Blogger account. So, till then...

Lotsa shitties,
Bryan ;D

3 shitties:

Cruxstone said...

Hey Bryan, how's the weather?

Yana Rahman. said...

mcm babi ke wat kantoi nape u xcm public laa kn.ish2 mak xnk involve ;p

Bryan Aldridge said...

cruxstone > its hotter than hell ;D

yana > kannn..ala..its just my view kowt..

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