Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hello, my name is Rana ;D

This is another incident that happened to me at the airport. Let me ask you, do I give people the perception that I'm a hooker? Probably huh? Cis...

Okay, I was waiting to board the plane when out of nowhere this MAT BANGLA approached me. Ive noticed him looking at me but did not think much about it because I have this PERASAN syndrome ;D Anyhoos, he sat next to me and introduced himself.

M.B : Hello, my name is Mr Rana. (Looking at me with the most perverted face Ive ever seen)

Me : name is Bryan. ( Flipping through the pages of CLEO)

M.B : Where are you from?

Me : Sarawak. U?

M.B: Darkha, Bangladesh. (At least that is what I thought I heard)

He then showed me his Visa as if it was the most interesting piece of paper in in the world. Then, he suddenly put his hairy arms around me. The first thing that went through my mind was "Ahh? Habislah imej aku. Orang mesti ingat aku nie pelacur. Sial nyer bangla." I then moved away from him to another seat. Babi, he then followed me and continued to ask me questions.

M.B: Sudah biasaka?
Me: Biasa? Biasa apa? ( seriously I did not know what he meant)

M.B: Ini. ( He then touched his frickin cock in front of me) RM50 bolehka?

Me: Huh, saya bukan macam itu. ( I then moved away and sat next to this old Chinese lady)

This is the cleanest and simplest version because the actual version is more lewd and long. You have to call me to know the whole story. Ciao ;D

Lotsa shitties, Bryan ;D

7 shitties:

MeLL said...

that's all i gotta say...

Yana Rahman. said...

ish disgusting punye bangla
geli laa weyh
sian u abes imge rosak ;p

Bryan Aldridge said...

mell > i hv nothin 2 say
yana > ntah,,,image mak dhla suci dan murni kuang3x...

Lya said...

babe, next time ckp kt i..
i pukol je..
hancor image u..
screw him..
you're still hot!!

DicKiE aDaMs said...

ewww.. gile disgusting! omg.. i can imagine how ewwwy the situation was!

Bryan Aldridge said...

lya > thanks babe ;D pukul2 dye habis habisan ;D

faiz > yes,,,apatah lagi tuan empunya badan in that situation.

Aliya Azmi said...

ew, whatever it is!

busuk punya bangla. dah la banyak bulu. ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

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