Thursday, May 14, 2009


Ok, yesterday at the airport something quite interesting happened to me. After I checked in my luggage, I proceeded to this metal scanner thingy to be scanned. What? Do I look like a frickin terrorist who's out to bomb the airport? Anyhoos, after putting all my valuables into the container to be scanned, I then walk through that big scanner thingy.

BEEP!! Shit, I forgot about my belt so I had to be inspected. You see, there were two officers there for the inspection, one male and one female. Naturally, I walked over to the male officer to be inspected. He had the most stupid look on his face when I walked over then he gestured to me to approach the female officer for inspection. "Abang nie ingat aku pompuan ker?Wah letop mak x pecah lobang ;D" So, I walked over to the female officer but I guessed she also had doubts about my sex judging from her bewildered expression.

Not wanting to complicate things further, I said, "Saya lelaki" with the most stupid smile plastered on my face. As if I had told her the biggest lie in the world, she then asked for my I.C to make sure. What? Do you think I enjoy being in this situation? I wanted to get out from there A.S.A.P. Haish... Looking at the word LELAKI on my I.C was the cue for them to giggle and let me off.

I did not think I dress all girly gegerl yesterday..Just a tee and skinny..I thought I looked like a gayboy with osteoporosis syndrome. Lalalala..... Letop, tak pecah lobang ;D

* tak pecah lobang : successfully passing off as a female to others

Lotsa shitties,

Bryan ;D

5 shitties:

Yana Rahman. said...

wehhh amboi2 xpecah lubang u olss suke laa tu
ni cuti 2 bulan knfirm xnk ptg rmbot lngsg kan meletz haha ;p

Bryan Aldridge said...

har la uols..
motif nk ptg..
akanku biarkan sj ;D

DicKiE aDaMs said...

haha bangga la tu x pecah lubang! haha

RicX said...

same situation kedak azza
time kat airport KK ;D

Bryan Aldridge said...

faiz > bangga lite2 jer hehehehe :D

ricky > really? tell me abt it bitch ;D

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