Monday, February 23, 2009


1. Bryan's ex boy/girl-friend(s):Are stupid and doesnt deserve me :D Sorry :D

2. Bryan's listenin' to: I HATE THIS PART (PCD)

4. Bryan's like to learn: Thai voodoos...Nak mandrem pakgad biar x nampak I :D

5. Bryan's BestFriend: Me, Myself and I.

6. Bryan dont understand:The shit some people go through just to get noticed :D

7. Win lost: Win > Dunnola Lost> Dunnola

8. Many people said Bryan is: Stuck up and obnoxious. So what if I am? :D

9. Bryan living in a place called: A certain shithole you dont have to know about.

10. The meaning of Bryan's real name: According to Daddy dearest, its supposed to be a football player's name. Some football player I turn out to be huh? Auw !

11. Love is: Meant to be found and kept.

12. The meaning of 'Forever': When you are stuck where Im stuck for 6 semesters.

13. Bryan will try: To be more productive. Getting more and more lazy these days.

14. Bryan's HP:Same like Yana's only much better :D

15. Bryan's very annoyed: When I have to wait. Seriously, be on time people.

17. Party is:Something Im trying to avoid at this moment.

18. The cutest animals:Puppies for sure. When they get older, shoot them.

19. Bryan's best age:My current age>12

20. Bryan felt tension today:Because my door is jammed and I want to pee.

21. Tonite, Bryan will:Watch 1 Litre of Tears. Yana ckp best.

22. When Bryan look at herself in the mirror this morning:Wah,,rambut makin cerah. Exotic sangat. Jap..jerawat kt pipi? Sial ! La...aku x memiliki natural beauty ke? HAHAHAHA !!!

23. Shopping Mall:is a great place for me and Yana.

24. Fast food are usually:my cup of tea :D

Tagging :- Ricky, Mell, Yuyu and Linus.

8 shitties:

Yana Rahman. said...

best la semua best bryan gile ;p

Anonymous said...

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I.Are.Talk-Faster Than Mail!

Mr C Chiquillara said...

bryan love mengarut.choi..
lpas amik dose yeh.jgn

MeLL said...

LOL.. u always gv funny yet memorable answers..
u bitch, dahla i di-tag by my friend juak..
anyway, i tag u bck!!
check my page ;)

Bryan Aldridge said...

iaretalk> wt r u ?

Bryan Aldridge said...

mr c> haahhaahha..mengarut kegemaranku ;D

MeLL said...

b**ch.. I.Are.Talk is not spam la...

it's a gossip blog...
i like it..
lucky u that they found u...

n i lom gk reply ur tag...
sorry k.. after dis la..

MeLL said...

oh wait.. dah ku reply tag tok.. hehe my bad..

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