Sunday, February 22, 2009


Friday > Me, Yoe and Audi went to Angel's house to spend the night there. Picked up both Angel and Anje then headed straight to Jonker to have our dinner. Ate this little dish called Hainan Chicken Rice paired together with a yummy Cendol.
After dinner, we decided to catch a movie at GSC but memang macam HARAM cos there wasn't nothing remotely interesting to watch. After a brief session of posing muke at GSC, we then headed to MBO. Nie lagi macam HARAM cos it was the same scenario at GSC. What to do, we were already there so we decided to watch THE PUNISHER ( Yoe's idea btw) The movie totally sucked, Me and Anje were not paying attention at all as we were busy chattering away and throwing popcorn at the audience. We even screamed hysterically at parts of the movie that didnt need any screaming. That was how bored we were.
To compensate for the RM9 we wasted that night, me , Yoe, Anje and Audi went to have fun after sending Angel back home. What kind of fun you ask? There's no need to know ;D
bought a W I named Esther. Looks really horrible after I sent it for alteration. Hahahaha !!
All for the sake of this coming Thursday. Wish me luck people ;D

Lotsa shitties,
Bryan ;D

2 shitties:

Yana Rahman. said...

bryan is a an abnormal person naming W yes

Mr C Chiquillara said...

i know u all have fun watpe..
haha.. mesti dirty laundry kan??

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