Thursday, December 4, 2008


I think there is something really wrong with me. I have been really worried about my weight for the past couple of weeks. Every time I ate, a sense of guilt overwhelms me and I head to the toilet with a toothbrush in my hand.
Yes, I admit it, I'm bulimic and it has been going on since my third semester started. I would shove the toothbrush down my throat and vomit everything I had eaten. I would not feel satisfied until the now partially digested food was in the toilet bowl.
I don't want to get fat..Further encouraging me to throw up is when people started complimenting me on my weight loss and I strive even more to be thinner.
I try to eat healthily and have smaller portion these days but still an intense fear of gaining weight engulfs my very fragile soul so I head to the toilet again.....

4 shitties:

RicX said...

Bryan ur too thin
Don't puke no more..

Remember Form Two..
U wont wanna be like stick thin again rite XD

Mell said...

hey hun...
u ain't fat la..
aku baru nya fat...

oh yea, u hv to reinvite me thru my ymail acc..
then can follow ur blog..
thanks hun..

remember, puke no do good 2 u...

Yana Rahman. said...

haha bryan use to be a stick ?
haha bryan stop this bulimia thingy!

Bryan Aldridge said...

hahahahaha !!!!
thanx 4 da shitties babes ;D

yana> yes i used 2 be a stick wanna c pictures?
ehhehehe ;P

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