Thursday, December 4, 2008


Recently, I stumbled upon a blog of an acquaintance. I'm not using the term "friend" because that person has done things to me that a friend would not do. Well, enough of that spiteful past, let's get back to his blog.
In that blog, he stated that I did not answer his calls or reply his smses of apologies. Now people, this is BULLSHIT as every sms and call were replied and answered though I was hestitant. I even saved his dramatic "I'm Sorry" smses to prove it ;D
Then, he said that I was shitting about him behind his back about his lack of work commitment. Now, if he was smart, he would have asked me if it was true or not,instead he wanted to believe what strangers that don't even like him initially were saying to his wrinkly face ;D
Now, this is funny...He asked me to lunch but I declined nicely by saying I'm having lunch with another friend but he took it wrongly by accusing me of wanting to go for lunch with that friend bcos he has a CAR. Ah...the nerve of that person...
Those are just little doses of his cookyness..There are even bizarre outbursts I experienced from him till one day I was really fed up of facing his crazy moments so I decided a time off was crucial :D

Ive forgiven him and we are friends but not as close as before because I'll never know when HE goes kookoo again..fuckin HILARIOUS man...:D Oh yeah, in case the person mentioned above is reading this..I hold no grudges man and I love ya ..Truce aite? Muacx !!!!

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Bryan Aldridge said...
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Yana Rahman. said...

hahaha ya i trusted u.. ngee xphm ke my blog tuu xpe hehe ;p

Bryan Aldridge said...

ape kena mengena blog u?
tralalalalala ;P

Yana Rahman. said...

mmg xde kene ngene bangang bryan nie ekeke

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