Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Okay, so I decided to post this blog when someone on my Myspace friends list keeps on updating her status and its always about SITI NURHALIZA. I mean, its ok if you idolize someone but cmon...your way too OBSESSIVE babe. Dont get me wrong though, I love Siti Nurhaliza ( out of the millions of overrated and talentless crap here in Malaysia) but it just irks me when you even added a Nurhaliza to your name which Im sure isnt the name your parents gave you. Hahahaha!!!! Please stop posting buletins about her which no one even cares about. Gosh, why am I even irritated at this? Must be the hormones kicking in :D

Lotsa shitties,
Bryan ;D

7 shitties:

Yana Rahman. said...

hormones kicking n yeahh sometimes this kind of people really put me on my nerves too u know. bt siti nurhaliza? i just cant bare with it. ha ha ha. maybe u shud post at ur bulitin. well u know, just to let him/her to realize bout tis annoyin attitude. orrr u cn keep on being plastic. haha ;p

Bryan Aldridge said...

i noe rite?
siti i still can handle
but if its MAWI
i'll go n kill myself ;D

RicX said...

i love siti nurhaliza and mawi



waniwanawano said...

hye there bryan.
im intan friend.
ur classmate last sem.
just wondering around at ur page.
mane dpt gamba siti ni?
pelikkk giler barang kt kepale die tu.

psychokiddo said...

hahaha, guess what ? i know this person u're talking about. hahahahhaa :P

Bryan Aldridge said...

hahahahah ili ;D
u noe her?
send my bestest regards ;D

Bryan Aldridge said...

i dpt kt mane ntah..
hahahahah !!!
pelik kan ;D

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