Friday, December 10, 2010

Bow For The Bad Girl

I almost got kicked out from Paragon TWICE last night. Hahaha..apparently I had one too many shots of vodka and started to behave unladylike (is this even a word?) All I could remember was toasting cheers with random strangers and spewing vomit uncontrollably on the bar. Sexy huh? Is this turning you on? There was even this short man who was with his girlfriend and he was groping parts of my body that should not be groped. Is this too much information? Gross huh? Lalalalala ;) Now I'm nursing the worst hangover ever by staying at home and watching Desperate Housewives. Oh yeah, I almost had an accident last night so you better heed the overrated warning, Don't Drink And Drive Bitches ;)

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MeLL said...

good girl gone bad. so lindsay lohan :P :P

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