Monday, November 1, 2010


Hello beautiful fags ;) How are you? Doing well I hope since yours truly is in bed sneezing like hell. Must be because I was moonwalking in the rain yesterday with my ikan patin. Weird? Yes, I know ;) Anyhoos, I had my Persuasive earlier and boy oh boy, it was hard. I almost cried when I read the essay questions, okay that is an exaggeration but you get me right?

Adding to my stress was the cold as Alaska hall where I was sitting for my exam. You can only imagine how I shivered while I was jotting down possibly correct answers. It was cold and I was so focused on scoring an A that I did not have time to breathe, did not have time to ogle at hot guys, did not have time to fantasize about Sam from Glee and etc....

Now, I was so intensely focused on my paper until my finger nail got somehow stuck on the wig I was wearing. Yes sir, I wore a wig to my exam. Details on why are unnecessary but rest assured that I am not HAIRLESS. I could not possibly get it out because coincidentally there was this bearlike pengawas standing next to me and I did not want to get ratted out because I had artificial hair. I AM NOT BALD.

Anyhoos, my wig has a name. I call it Molly. Molly enjoys eating Friskies with a touch of seasoning, long walks on the beach, the sunset.....yes I'm fucking with you ;P Molly costs me RM 350. Was it worth it? Probably. I think I look like a guy who doesn't get laid because he was too busy counting his pubic hair when I have Molly on. Vulgar? I know ;) U can admire Molly or ME in the picture below.

Me trying to be all sexy and pouty with Molly. 


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