Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Hello beautiful people :) How are my minions doing? Great , I hope. As for me, Im on the beach right now with a cigarette in hand while being totally immersed by the beautiful moonlight. My brothers are nowhere to be seen whereas my sister is next to me listening to Travie Mccoy's Billionaire over and over again. Mommy and Daddy are by the poolside reminiscing about stuff. Old people stuff I guess.

I brought along "Dear John" for this trip as I want to try finish reading it. Oh, "Dear John" is a book written by Nicholas Sparks. What is is about you ask? Well, go Google it :) Anyways, there is the movie adaptation of the book in my lappy but it just doesn't feel right watching the movie first before I finished reading the book. Ya know what they say, the book is usually more compelling than its movie counterpart. Therefore, I'll get to the movie when Im done with the book :) 


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