Saturday, August 1, 2009


Huh... A Saturday here in this shithole is nowhere near exciting. Here I am in my room typing on this lappy while listening to Beyonce's Sweet Dreams on rotation ;D I just finished watching Angels and Demons and now I want to be a part of The Illuminati. Psycho huh?

Yours truly has not showered yet cos its slightly raining here so its cold and I cant stand the chill going through my bones. I have no idea how to spend my whole day so was thinking of whoring myself around. Hohoho ;D

The shittest thing when Im away from home is the lack of distractions to keep me from eating. If Im at home, there's the luxury of TV and all that but here in Lendu? ABSOLUTE NOTHINGNESS. So, my face could be seen at the cafe gobbling down all that fat thats not supposed to be there. BABI. Solution? Pro-ana is my friend :D

Beyonce, you can now shut up.

Lotsa shitties,
Bryan ;D

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