Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Im having my Economics paper tomorrow but still Im wasting my time posting this stupid blog. All the economics facts just couldnt be compressed into my puny little head,..huhuhu.... I have to do my very best for this paper cos you see my carry marks arent that remarkable ;D

Here I am in the library supposed to be studying but Im reading Her World instead. At least I gained some information rite? Did you know it takes only 20 minutes of nap to recharge yourself? Thanks to Her World, I am more well informed now :D

I did not sleep last night because my bloody eyes just wont shut. Seeing that it was almost 6 am, I called Yoe and asked him to go for a round of nasi lemak at Sungai Petai. 45 minutes later, I was almost asleep when he arrived at my block with the 2 other bitches, Shah and Jimmy. The four of us fags then stuffed our usus besar with sambalized carbs :D

Btw, Yoe had this weird idea of a place called Spa Bendang located near that nasi lemak place. i was expecting a grand spa with a beautiful view of the paddy field, but to my frickin' dissappoinment, the spa was like a mobile toilet except it was made of buluh and stuff. Huh the excitement of Tuesday mornings. :D

Lotsa shitties,
Bryan :D

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