Friday, April 17, 2009


So, Im having my first paper on Monday and I can assure you Im trying my hardest to cramp all the information into my brain. I have been revising with Shah for the last couple of days and I fickin admire him for being able to speed through all the chapters in the frickin book. as fome, Im just jotting down notes without trying to understand them. Haish....


Im in the library now with all the other studious students. Its not easy to catch a glimpse of me in the library but here I am for the sake of scoring for ADVERTISING. Huhuhu....

By the way, Ive been pestering Shah on the topic of COINCIDENCE. I find it very interesting when it keeps on happening. If its on repetition mode, is it coincidence? Im not sure. You might not understand what Im shitting about but you dont have to..Its just for my own peace of mind.

Have to continue studying now

Till then,

Lotsa shitties,

Bryan ;D

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