Thursday, March 19, 2009


Feeling like shit today.

Everything seems wrong.

Why huh?

It’s as if Im pissed off at the smallest thing.


The whole class went and supported Noi today

He was auditioning for this singing comp organized for FESKOM.

The life of the class, MEK was outrageous as always you MEK ;D

There was this girl, a junior, SUPERB VOICE !!

Dark skinned, plus sized with long curly hair and she sang Bila Larut Malam

FARAH ADIBA, that was her name perhaps…( correct me if Im wrong aite? )

Adore her :D

Totally would buy her album, hahahaha !!


That was the topic of a survey given to me by my level mate

Typical aint it?

Its like every semester I have to answer the same type of questions

For this semester alone, I have answered 2 surveys regarding HOMOSEXUALITY

Haish…..KEBOSANAN :D Sorry Badut :D

Owh..Badut is my levelmate by the way

Look under my followers, he’s the one called Muhammad Zaid.

To Mell,

Sorry I haven’t responded to your TAGGED request yet

Quite busy

I’ll get to it as soon as I can aite?

Currently listening to Secondhand Serenade’s SUPPOSED :D

Lotsa shitties,

Bryan :D

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