Saturday, December 13, 2008


Hey people,

My great grandmother just passed away and even though Im not close to her, there is a tinge of sadness in me. She suffered from stroke and half her body was paralyzed but even through all that, I can sense a type of strength from her. When I saw her last night, I did not feel anything but when Im back at home, I suddenly felt really sad. I didnt even went to her funeral cos I was really pissed off over something. Now, as Im typing this, I feel really bad and guilty. I know I shud have gone ryte...?

Her passing made me realized that everything will eventually come to an end and we shud appreciate every moment we have. I know it sounds cliche but it is true in every word. Tonight, I would go and have dinner with my family cos I usually eat after they have eaten. I will be nicer to my parents even though they nag me, as for my siblings, I have no problem with them because they worship me..hahahahhaa !!!!! Jokes aside, spend time with your family cos its the best moment you'll have :D

2 shitties:

Mell said...

hey bry...
i'm sorry to hear the news...
my condolences to ur family...
no wonder u hv been missing from cyberspace for a while...

RicX said...

why bryan
nasib kita sama??

huu.. (T__T)

paham ku kek

everything comes to an end..

read my blog and you'll understand

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